Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vid Of The Day: Salvador Dali on "What's My Line?"

From, a very cool bit of classic TV. VSL writes:

What do you do for a living?

It’s a fairly innocuous question asked at parties (and tax time) that, for most of us, brings a straightforward response: “I’m a [blank].” But what if there’s no short answer — if you roam many fields and, out of megalomania and perversity, call yourself anything and everything under the sun? In short, what if you were Salvador Dalí?

Take a brief timeout from your own work to watch the shamelessly self-promotional proto-Warhol’s 1952 appearance on What’s My Line? — where blindfolded panelists try to unmask his identity. Dalí answers in the affirmative to nearly every question — yes, he writes books, does sports, and can be considered a leading man.

As this unbounded self-definition draws howls of laughter from the studio audience, a frustrated Arlene Francis finally throws up the Hail Mary question: “Is there something quite unusual about our guest?”

In the words of Groucho Marx: You bet your life.


QOTD: What Dads Want

Dads, what do you want for Father's Day?

A particular gift? An experience? Something you don't want?

Me, I just like a nice peaceful day with my family, preferably at the pool. I never wear ties, socks or underwear, so I don't need gifts. Besides, I just buy things I want, with little or no regard for the family budget, since I do the family budget and can cook the books when necessary. Word!

Your turn.

p.s. I wear socks and underwear. That was a joke.

Rerun Of The Day: Why Pets Hate Halloween

(From October '07)

You've seen the e-mails; now here's the list. Many thanks to Spinderfella, Willie, and Heder.

And a special Star Wars Wing...

LOTD reader Erika sends these pics of her dogs Cash and Jamba in their costumes.


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