Friday, April 25, 2008

News Story Of The Day: Intern Hopes To Walk In Space

I don't usually post this many Onions in a week but this one made me laugh out loud.

I can't tell you how many interns just like this that I met when I worked at that Big TV Company. They'd come in not knowing how to write a decent line of promo copy, spend half a day on a shoot and another half in an edit suite, most of both on the phone, talking to their little girlfriend or boyfriend back at college, and then the next day they'd proclaim, "I think I'm ready to produce now. When can I start?"

"Right now," I'd reply, tossing them my keys and a bucket."Go produce a clean car for me, Fucko."

NASA Intern Hoping To Go On Space Walk Before He Leaves In June

The Onion

NASA Intern Hoping To Go On Space Walk Before He Leaves In June

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL—"I'm already a fixture around here, and I get along great with everybody," said the eager 20-year-old cultural anthropology major.


Classic Movie Scene Of The Day: Flair

Since we were just talking about this...

Good god how I love this movie. LOVE it. My friend Erika does not, but I don't think she saw it all the way through. Watch it again, girl.

You probably know this but that's Mike Judge playing the manager. Listen to him talk and you'll hear Hank Hill in there, and even a little Butt-head.


News Story Of The Day: Non-MILFs In Debt For Calendar

Ouch. From

Spanish Mothers in Debt After Nude Fund-Raising Calendar

Seven middle-aged Spanish mothers who posed for a tongue-in-cheek nude calendar - a fundraiser for their children's tiny, rural school - are now saddled with debt and 5,000 unwanted copies.

One of the photos shows the mothers with Christmas tinsel as their only garb - no private parts on view. Other goofy poses include a shotgun-toting mother wearing only a fox pelt and kneeling on a table, and another shows a woman covering her body with a red umbrella on a picnic table.

A group of British women made more than a million pounds and worldwide headlines when they came up with the idea of a discreet nude calendar for 2000 to raise money for leukemia research. Their story was made into a hit movie, "Calendar Girls."In Spain, the photos came out as calendars in November and at first proved to be a big hit. But the plan fizzled.

The women acknowledge being rank amateurs in publishing and advertising, and because of a miscue with a distributor they missed out on the Christmas shopping rush. Now, sales of the $8 calendar have dried up and they owe a printer nearly $16,000.

"The sad part for us is figuring out what to do with them because it is not something you can recycle," said Rosa Garin, 36, one of the models in Serradilla del Arroyo, a village of 400 people in northern Salamanca province.

Vid Of The Day: Slide

A montage of mishaps from AFHV and Harmony. I love this stuff. Best of all, no one died.


Engrish Spam Of The Day

Just got this in my e-mail:

Develop your peni5 with a lot inches running on the number one cure.

Go on instantaneously to (spammer URL)

and see the exquisite car therapeutics ever

Can anyone translate, because this sounds like a pretty good deal. Thx.

Photobombers Of The Day

Photobombers = people who hilariously ruin your nice little picture. Some call it "that guy"; we call it photobombing. A superb idea from Jocelyn; all photos from Facebook.

WTF? Is that a ghost?

Go, dorky white guy!



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