Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Vid Of The Day: The Teabag Incident

A short film starring McLovin and Hunter Cope. Whack! (Rated R for language and crude subject matter.. yeah baby). Be nice.. Hunter is a friend and he reads this blog.


Commercial Of The Day: Ball Buster

Yep, it's real. We play this a lot in my house... without the game board. Good stuff from Seth, who plays it in his house, too.


News Story Of The Day: Ted Danson Nails Interview

Go, Ted. A god among actors. Click the box for the entire jaw-dropping story.

The Onion

Ted Danson Totally Nails Tonight Show Interview

BURBANK, CA—Despite his initial anxiety, actor Ted Danson reported Tuesday that he "totally nailed" an important five-minute interview aired...


Top 10 Women Drivers Of 2007

Ok, ladies, please direct all your wrath at Blong, who submitted this list. I am merely the messenger. Thanks in advance.

10th place

9th place

8th place

7th place

6th place

5th place

4th place

Bronze medal

Silver medal

Gold medal


Vid Of The Day: Big & Betsy

James sends this clip in reply to the farting dinosaurs clip I ran a few days ago. I guess this is a Dutch kids' show, but I'm not sure what they're trying to teach here.

I plugged fopje flauw mopje into a few online translators and got fopje insipid mopje, which is helpful. Those online translators are really a wonderful resource, aren't they?


March Sponsor Roundup

A review of last month's spotlight products. Click the vendor name to buy any of these (hint hint).

Cheech & Chong Bobbleheads from WickedCoolStuff

Boxing Grannies from The Toy Lounge

Jeez-Its sticky notes from

Shagnasti Family Restaurant, location unknown, but most likely near Spread Eagle Village.

Mother's Little Helper pill box from
The Toy Lounge

Mini-Frogger from Vat 19

Croc Staple Remover from The Perpetual Kid

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Pirate Wench Skirt from To Be A Pirate

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Funny Bunny jelly bean dispenser

How To Traumatize Your Children from The Perpetual Kid

Last Supper Wind-Up Musical Pillow from Susan

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