Saturday, March 22, 2008

FOLOTD Spotlight Of The Day

Check out The Balm Shoppe, where LOTD reader Sarah sells her homemade lip and body balms, bath products, salts, lotions and more.

Sarah's stuff looks great, is convo-friendly
(I don't know that that means, but it sounds like a good thing) and vegan-friendly. I'm about to buy my wife some bath salts from her.


World's Best City Names

All real. Courtesy of

Cockburn, Western Australia

Climax, Georgia, USA
(world's happiest town)

Twatt, Scotland

uakitanatahu, New Zealand

Muff, Ireland

Looneyville, Texas, USA

Titty Hill, England

Licking, Missouri, USA

Thong, England

Gravesend, England

Wetwang, England

Spread Eagle, Wisconsin, USA

(must be a highly populated place)

Bald Knob, Arkansas, USA

Cockup, England
(near Thong?)

Whiskey Dick Mountain, Washington, USA

(Oh, I've been here a few times)

Hookersville, West Virginia, USA

Hell, Michigan, USA

Toad Suck, Arkansas, USA

Middelfart, Denmark

Horneytown, North Carolina, USA

Shitterton, England

Disappointment, Kentucky, USA

Fucking, Austria

Sugar Tit, South Carolina, USA

(I want to live here)

Blue Ball, Pennsylvania, USA

(sister city to Whiskey Dick Mountain)

Intercourse, Pennsylvania, USA

Stalker, Pennsylvania, USA

Wankum, Germany

Dildo, Newfoundland, Canada

Satan's Kingdom, Vermont, USA

Tightwad, Missouri, USA

Vid Of The Day: Honesty in R&B

Sad but true. Thanks Tracey.

11 Great Examples of Redneck Ingenuity

Funny pics from Greta. Some I'd seen but most I hadn't.

Redneck lawnmower

Redneck boat

Redneck bomb shelter

Redneck anti-theft device

Redneck cupholder

Redneck babysitter

Redneck U-Haul

Redneck divorce

Redneck sports fan

Redneck pet adoption

Redneck flat panel TV

And, from SPO, the redneck tank top



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