Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Classic Video of the Day

I've run this one before. It still makes me laugh.

"Are you done with that, then?"

QOTD: What Makes You Happy?

I'm being kinda mean today (today?) so let's change the tenor a little.

What makes you happy? Big things, little things, whatever. Speak.

Video Of The Day: Berman Goes Off

Breaking news: ESPN funnyman Chris Berman is a whiny little bitch. Good stuff from TheMovieGuru. Lots of bad language here, so open with care.

13 Popular Babes Who Just Don't Do It For Me

Or maybe I just have no taste. That's entirely possible.

Jennifer - living proof of what a good hairstylist can do for average looks.

Demi's a man, baby! And a royal beyotch, by all accounts.

Julia - Yawn

Sarah Jessica Seabiscuit - why the long face?

Keep waxen Pam away from open flame. And who wants to go where Kid Rock, Tommy Lee, and 387,255 other guys have been?

Sorry, Winona, but big boobs aren't everything. God, did I really just say that?

Angelina - too skinny, too many tattoos

Cameron hasn't looked good since The Mask

Three words for Carmen: Harsh. Rubbery. Rodman.

Farrah never did it for me. I liked Cheryl Ladd much better.

Word to J-Lo: being a crazy diva is not attractive.

Courteney - cold as ice

Kirsten Dunce and her fonky-ass teefs

I Want These Pants

I was thumbing through an Eddie Bauer sale flyer I got in the mail and came across these pants. Holy shit! Are those da bomb diggity or what? Not just elastic waist.. always a plus.. but corduroy to boot! Brilliant.

Hard to believe they are on sale. If only Gramps were still alive.. I'd buy him three pairs for the yard. I do have a "special" cousin - I bet he'd wear these. I need to find out when his birthday is.

I showed these to my wife and told her I wanted a pair for Valentine's Day. She looked at me like I was insane.

And can I say that I hate the word trousers. Trousers. Blecch. That word annoys me. It's almost as bad as slacks, which I also hate. What's with all the creepy words for pants? Britches. *Britches? Pull down your britches, boy, I'm gonna tan your hide. Oh, and drawers. Trousers, slacks, britches and drawers. In delightful sans-a-belt cordoroy. From the Toughskins collection, only at Sears and the Eddie Bauer Outlet Store.


* Grammar Nazi disclaimer: Yes, I know the formal word is breeches, but britches is an acceptable alternate, according to my dictionary. So eat it.



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