Saturday, June 16, 2007

World's Weirdest Urinals

Many thanks to Spinderfella for the idea.

At a brewery. I'd be afraid to drink the beer there after seeing this.

At a penthouse bar in a Hong Kong skyscraper. They give the illusion that you're peeing down on the city.

International Space Station. Taking a whiz in zero gravity can be a challenge. NASA explains how it is accomplished: "First the user sits down on the toilet, then pulls up the railings and turns them inwards so they are over the legs, holding user to seat. He/she then straps feet to platforms with velcro. User must use hands to direct urine spray into funnel inside toilet (not shown) so that it will not escape."

Stockholm Airport - Stockholm, Sweden

Ladies' restroom at Diary Queen in Port Charlotte, Florida. Notable only for the rare appearance of the She-inal, the odd funnel-like device designed to let women pee standing up like men. The only problem -- unless you like crabs or chlamydia -- was that the device required physical contact between the user and the cup. Gross.

Crappy 70s Song of the Day

Shannon by Henry Gross, a song about a dog who swims out to sea -- probably to get away from the sound of this tripe -- and never returns.

As a kid I thought two different guys sang this song - one in the verses, another in the chorus. Listen and you will understand why.

Click this link to hear the stink


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