Monday, May 21, 2007

Then and Now

Child stars grown up.

Danica McKellar ("The Wonder Years") - WOW!

Justin Henry ("Kramer vs. Kramer")

Erin Moran ("Happy Days")

Jeremy Miller ("Growing Pains")

Melissa Gilbert ("Little House On The Prairie")

Adam Rich ("Eight Is Enough")

Mayim Bialik ("Blossom")

Lisa & Louise Burns
("The Shining")

Peter Billingsley ("A Christmas Story")

Mindy Cohn ("The Facts Of Life")

Robbie Rist ("The Brady Bunch")

Tina Yothers ("Family Ties")

Brandon Cruz ("The Courtship Of Eddie's Father")

Lisa Whelchel ("The Facts Of Life")

Brian Forster ("The Patridge Family")

Kim Fields ("The Facts Of Life")

Danny Lloyd ("The Shining")

Melissa Sue Anderson ("Little House On The Prairie")

Brian Bonsall ("Family Ties")

Danielle Brisebois ("All In The Family")

Jonathan Taylor Thomas ("Home Improvement")

Elizabeth McGovern ("Ordinary People")


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