Tuesday, September 30, 2014

News: Master Criminal Trades Diamond Worth $160K For Bag Of Weed Worth $20

Well played, dipshit!
Master Criminal Trades Diamond Worth $160K For Bag Of Weed Worth $20

An Arizona man allegedly traded a valuable stone so he could get stoned.

Fired UPS employee Walter Earl Morrison, 20, has been accused of stealing a valuable diamond from a UPS cargo plane and swapping the gem, which was valued at $160,000, for $20 worth of marijuana, according to KNXV.

Authorities said Morrison swiped the stone at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix and hid the package under his shirt.

He then supposedly traded the expensive rock for pot before he was caught.

A UPS spokesperson told KNXV that the diamond has been recovered and given to the intended recipient,

Morrison reportedly faces felony theft charges and is scheduled to appear in the Maricopa County Superior Court on Tuesday.


Lucky Cyclist Of The Day

I would go straight to the nearest convenience store and play the Powerball. After I changed my shorts, that is.

Unfortunate Newspaper Photo & Headline Placements Of The Day


Monday, September 29, 2014

Volcano Eruption Of The Day

Watch out for the shock, it's coming.

Amusing Homage Of The Day: Malkovich And The Photographic Masters

Famous photos redone with John Malkovich. Random? Sort of, but spot-on and weird. From photographer Sandro Miller.

News: Police Warn Ukrainians Against Throwing Politicians Into Garbage Cans

Yeah, they take up too much room. Take them straight to the dumpster instead. From Zik.
Police Warn Ukrainians Against Throwing Politicians Into Garbage Containers

The interior ministry has called on all participants of the pre-election campaign to stick to civilized behavior and stop throwing officials and politicians into garbage containers.

A wave of incidents involving officials and politicians has snowballed in Ukraine recently, with protesters forcefully throwing them into garbage containers. In several cases, the protesters delivered the containers close to offices.

Some officials were kept in evil-smelling containers for up to 20 minutes.

Decrying police inaction, protesters call their actions ‘people’s lustration’ of corrupt officials or those who collaborated with the Yanukovych regime.

The police warned Ukrainians that any such actions will be classified as law violations and are inadmissible during election campaigning.


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